18 Mar 2010

HORUS CyclicDaemon @ Aural Apocalypse!

Let me inform you that a recent HORUS CyclicDaemon releases [Chaoticum, Silence and Strength, K. Meitzer, Ossaserpia, Musterion] are presented by US-based DJ Merrick at her regular show entitled »A Soundtrack for the Final Days« through Aural Apocalypse March 17th, 2010.
Download (MP3) is suitable for iPod or iTune etc.

Orplid: Bruder Luzifer
Carved in Stone: Last Words
Fire and Ice: Long Lankin
Arcadia: Anytime You Go
Spectre: Datemi Pace
Chaoticum: Violation of the Soul
Silence and Strength: Der Opal
K. Meitzer: Honesty Through Paranoia
Ossaserpia: Ee1
Musterion: The Elevator Down

Arcana: ...the last Embrace
Elend: The Silence of Light
Elijah's Mantle: Medusa
La Maison Moderne: Day After Day
Unternehmen Dreizack: Ein Neuer Wind
Infestation: Notre Combat de Raison
Visions: Dawning
Lingua Fungi: Quetzalcoatl
Deutsch Nepal: Part III: The Beast of Reutoff
Moving Hearts: Tribute to Peadar O'Donnell
Stille Volk: Tenebrae Azuree
Värtinnä: Kylän Kävijä
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I think you would also like to listen to Lingua Fungi track Quetzalcoatl as their new CD album entitled Melankhton shall be released this summer (2010).

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10 Jan 2010

K. Meizter shall not design art-work for LINGUA FUNGI: Melankhton (CD)

K. Meizter unfortunately shall not design LINGUA FUNGI: Melankhton album due to a lot of work. We will keep you informed who will be a new artist for this project.
[Read our previous article: LINGUA FUNGI: New act has been signed for HCD].
LINGUA FUNGI composes an intelligent and intelligible ambient electronics and all of you shall be surprised be the exquisite tones and sound colours. What a beautiful melancholy!
It shall be released in late summer 2010.

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