5 Jan 2010

New Reviews: MUSTERION: The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life (CD)

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*) If you do not know Portuguese you can read the translation by Simon Kölle here below.


»Following readers who know my writing and my comments about the current Dark Ambient scene. While not my favorite style I'm finding some compositions that are extremely interesting, as this case at hand, this is second CD of Musterion after the debut "The Black Lodge" in 2006. While not my favorite style I am discovering some that are extremely interesting composition, and in the case at hand, this second CD musterion after their debut "The Black Lodge" there in 2006.
Musterion have developed their musical passages combining the wonders of programming tools with real instruments like guitar and violin, which stains all his compositions of an organic touch.

As with the real guitar and violin in the organic composition sometimes it also includes a female voice that would serve as the tormented soul or out of his mind, and this album leads us through the winding introspective world, a journey through the depths of human life.
It is a kind of Dada-tinged musical schizophrenic. It is a kind of musical Dadaism ink schizophrenics. Not a pleasant trip it is almost a nightmare, a circus attraction in a stroller that takes us to the depths of the mind. We outline the melodic elements of reality in the midst of the cave deep in our psyche.
The CD artwork perfectly illustrates the meaning of the work: collages in which elements are subverted our Western culture: a King Kong in the costume of Superman destroying the Empire State, decaying skeletons, a bottle of poison and a kind of spider with human head and limbs with multiple eyes (this reminds me of the end of the movie "The Fly" (1958), where the end is the human-headed fly trapped in a spider web).
It is the world of dreams, its the collective unconscious of mental deconstruction of a world that torments us.

The music boxes that appear in various parts of the work we have as children, our adult psyche's though always veiled and hidden in the depths of our subconscious to surface in the form of fear or repression. To contextualize the music I have to say that somehow it remind me of our Trajedesaliva, atleast the poetry of those, it becomes choppy words and fragments in Musterion.
The listening, as generally all dark ambient compositions must be reserved for an intimate space. It's music for one only, not to share.
It is the genesis of pure escape, to escape the body for a moment and dream of a journey.
This avoidance Musterion in this case leads us to the sewers around the world in which we live, with the tracks we leave the capitalist nightmare in our psyche.

I would say this is the Dark Ambient music for hermits to stylites the western world that instead of going to the desert or climb a mountain are placing the earphones on to indulge and escape from a world that does not share. If you feel that you are one of them, surely the Musterion proposal is a good way out.«
Grade: 7,5 of 10

Pedro Ortega


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