In Chaoticum, we seek to create music which opens doors upon new realms, transporting the listener through unto wondrous worlds of darkened splendor by the emotional cries of each instrument. With Tykie-Soo, a neo-classical fugue of sorts, this journey is the initiation into awareness, moving slowly at first with steady cello strokes, but pressing onward unfettered. Lilting strings pierce the night and urge the piece onward, ever moving towards the unknown horizon. As tensions rise, the movement pauses, awestruck at the blinding light of uncertainty, until the stalwart cello resumes motion, plunging forward between shadows. As the horizon draws near, all progress fades as the circuit is complete, life unto death, and the tendrils of knowledge pulling the listener beyond the veil into the rebirth of awareness.

Within this video trailer, Jerome has captured the haunting beauty of Tykie-Soo and represented that tempered journey into the darkness of awareness. Masterfully done is the imagery which brings new life to this momentous piece. The horizon, ever shifting, ever passing, illustrates the uncertain progress we make with each step we take in life. Finally, the video concludes with a beautiful introduction to the cover of the album, revealing the hypnotic art created by the renowned John Coulthart.

The album [Psycho] Log: Y is a very personal collection of music containing many private thoughts and feelings of the musicians of Chaoticum. Many inspirations were drawn from our innermost memories and the expression of our deepest desires and regrets. A confession through sonic purging into the confined imprisonment of song. Each soundwaves‘ ebb and flow marking the tumultous rise and fall of our very soul. May the music find you waiting…

The track in this video is entitled Tykie-Soo, from the Chaoticum album [Psycho] Log: Y released by the HORUS CyclicDaemon label on November 1st, 2007. The trailer was designed by Jerome Nougaillon at Panopticon Studio in March 2008.