This Morn‘ Omina is probably one of the less known and recognised talents of the Belgian scene. After the primitive-tribal sounding Nezeru Enti Sebauem NeterXertet album, which was a selection of earlier demo-songs and the more elaborated and electro-orientated Em Sauf Haa-Heru, the trilogy is closed by Taiu. They moved their esoterically, kind of Pagan influences more to the background. There’s no more comparison with the trance style a la Hybryds, neither to the tribal side of Raksha Mancham.

Taiu is much more conceived around modern technology and evokes some early Klinik-sequences. The sound evolves into a powerful symbiosis of dark electro structures and sacred-ritual trance atmospheres. Most of the songs remain instrumental ones, but here and than they’ve been recovered with spoken samplings and the vocals of Yasnaia (cf. Terran). After a deceiving first song, which can be seen as a kind of intro, The Penultimate Truth shows the new evolution of This Morn‘ Omina. It’s also more into danceable styles.

The next cut Vassago de Nunez is a pearl! The tribal and sacred sounds have been intermixed with some vague, but perceivable techno ingredients. It’s a modem and rather innovative way of conceiving trance-ritual stuff that will catch the attention of a wider audience! I don’t think that this band goes in search of commercial purposes, but just enlarges their horizon, exploring other facilities. They simply prove that it’s perfectly possible to hold on the basis of their ideas while evolving into modern ways of composing.

The next cut The Light That Shines And The Light That Fades is closer to the originally style. The next real highlight is called Beatified Spirit. The sequences á la early Klinik have been leaded through tribal drums, creating a trance feeling. Aeon sounds in the same line. That brings me to another essential cut, The Weeping Eye! This can be simply called tribal-techno. There’s also a kind of trance aspect that reminds to implant in a less complex way of composing.

The next songs Either/Or and Perun are more into the esoterically style. That brings me to the very last one Terran. It starts in a restful, ambient way and slowly evolves into a heavy and heavenly trance-cut. The hypnotic percussion is really devastating while the bewitching vocals of Yasnaia reinforce the sacred-ritual side.

This is one of the best and most achieved chef d’oeuvres I’ve heard for a long time now. Notice by the way that the album has been imited to 500 copies. You’ll be very proud while putting your finger on this masterpiece!

This Morn’ Omina definitely deserves more recognition for their brilliance and genius way of composing!

A class act!

(DP:9) DP