Coph’antae Tryr: Research Chronicles 2007-2009 (2CD)

A superb collection of 4 albums (!) from the protagonist of New Drone Music Generation was released on 11/09/11.

The Russian project Coph’antae Tryr presents its 2CD incl. 4 albums by this Ambient / Experimental drone sculpturist.

Coph`antae Tryr is a way of an enlightenment and clearing by injections of medical enzymes in subconsciousness to study and learn other, undercover, dark corners of a universe and places where it is simply impossible to get physically.

Where Coph is the axe of clearing opening a window to light, „Lux resplendens“ (dazzling Light), Antae – a barrier constraining consciousness and a body, and Tryr – a medicine.

Demirod & Gridaltlryn: Solemn and melancholy sagas, with sensation of extreme weight, places slightly opening, and even flinging the doors open in Next world and infernal life measurements.

Kyrleet & Redoran: That uneasy, the thoughtful sagas, baring horrible essence, denying rational philosophical concepts and self-confident claims for pansophy.

Listen to the title tracks at Audio page.


There is a limited edition of 19 sets consisting of a pack
COPH’ANTAE TRYR: Research Chronicles 2007-2009 (2CD)
and one of remaining copies of the rare Russian CDr limited edition of COPH’ANTAE TRYR „Kyrleet
having 57 copies only!

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1. Coph’antae Tryr: Demirod (CD1-A) 35:50

2. Coph’antae Tryr: Gridaltlryn (CD1-B) 41:33

Total: 77:23


3. Coph’antae Tryr: Kyrleet (CD2-A) 40:49

4. Coph’antae Tryr: Redoran (CD2-B) 37:05

Total: 77:54

Artwork: Veronika Vlková
Typesetting & Layout: Pavel Křepela & Martin M. Mrskoš
Catalog#: HCD 12
Release Date: 11/09/11
Status: Available