On the HORUS CyclicDaemon web site I read about the release. HORUS CyclicDaemon explains the cd as a story. Not surprising as Musterion is the solo project of Simon AA Kölle. The story (or concept) is not presented like he (and Simon Heath) presents the Za Frûmi saga, in a dialog.

The Black Lodge is a world beyond the normal world as we know it. The main character Dale Cooper of the cult series Twin Peaks is trapped there. In the cd we follow Cooper as he travel through his memories, dreams, to his beloved country Tibet and also into the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Cooper possesses the body  of the famous Polish theatre mogul Jerzy Grotowski as he does his last journey among living dead.

The musical mix is so strange and dark that i only can love it, adore it and get totally lost in it. The concept mix is a maze, a mystery. In the best way! On the cd we hear qoutes from dark movies, works of art and of Kölle’s own fantastic mind. The different influences and the path that is Cooper’s is surely the path of Kölle himself.

I come to that conclusion after several interviews with him and also knowledge about his different works of art.

→ The artwork

This is once again a proof of the class of HCD! Martin M. Mrskos (read more about him in #46, 2003) does almost all his releases beautiful. Martin sees that exclusive paper is used and it´s always artistically perfected. The booklet is in A5 (!!!) and with very dark and interesting art made by Simon Heath. Some pictures have been taken by Kölle himself and the cover photo and (I suspect) photo of Kölle is taken by Amelie Sarlin. Artist Aron Öhgren painted the back of the booklet.

According to Kölle (and I agree 100 %) it´s a H. P. Lovecraft inspired tree. The special edition of the cd consists of only 500 hand numbered copies.

The artwork and the package is amazing!

→ A masterpiece

Simon AA Kölle is one of the few emissaries of modern dark wave. He has recorded a masterpiece with the release of The Black Lodge. The album is devoid of extravagant nuances and is technically enlightening. Although the release is subtle in approach, the listening moments are never dull. All in all, Simon AA Kölle continues a journey that´s expressive and endearing. What is intriguing, many new fans have only just begun to discover the immense depth contained in the music of Simon AA Kölle.

→ A new outlaw

It is always the case for the avant-garde that a new outlaw appears in town! Musterion is surely the new outlaw. What will become of Musterion? I cannot help myself thinking about what´s yet to come! I decided not to try to explain the music of the outlaw. I will only give you small hints:

It´s very dark, filled with mystical sounds, sometimes is a piano played, electronic elements exist, and acoustic elements, too. Overall, the sounds blend well together into one complete album. Musterion have measured ancient and modern music with organic and electronic doses in perfectly balanced proportions.

Who besides Simon himself knows what strange and absurd things he creates his music with the help of!? Sometimes the music and the mood are very absurd and then suddenly something clear and sharp comes out of it. One example of this is the song The third man (probably a little hello to the film with the same name, Carol Reed, 1949) where the beginning is very dark and filled with strange sounds, a screaming woman, strange voices that don´t utter words,
strange ambience and more. Out of this a type writer and a piano is heard and then the voice of Dale Cooper explaining where he is in the case. During the transition and to the end of the song the dark ambient undertone is still there low (that´s what makes the song to be one piece).

→ The love of sounds

I think Simon has to love contrasts. The songs are filled with them. More than that the songs are filled with sounds. The sounds (sound effects, soundscapes) are sometimes giving me the creeps and sometimes these seem to be deeper and yet other times explaining (painting a picture almost).

One example of the latter is Grotowski’s Last Journey – Apocalypsis Cum Figuris. Listening to that song I see a movie in front of me. In my mind’s eye. Then after several minutes a lonely chant and then a crash of glass. Then suddenly, music, classical chords. This is something new my friends! The love Simon has for sounds might arguable
steal the „show“ but I don´t think so.

The best and most surprising album so far 2006!


David Purdie