AL – 100th Anniversary is 2 CD boxed set, compilation of Occultural and Ambient musick inspired, I would say, by Coil, Industrial, Thelema, Sisters of Mercy, et al. Limited edition – only 418 hand-numbered copies are being published – A3 poster, 8-page booklet and a short introduction by Carl Abrahamsson. So its got to be worth 29 EUR excl. shipping.

I’ve played my copy several times now – which believe me, is a big recommendation. Naturally, I have my favourites, like the first track of the second, more ambient CD. Secret Name by Silence & Strength, recorded in Israel, is especially interesting, with its inclusion of passages from The Book Of Lies and Liber AL… But I’d say there are is nothing unlistenable or unenjoyable on the CD, which is something you couldn’t say about a band like Coil, who can be a bit uncompromising sometimes. I remember chilling out nicely to Moon’s Milk, only to be jangled out of my wits by the last track ; )

AL – 100th Anniversary passes the ‚I wouldn’t rush out and buy it‘ test. The only thing I wonder is how long magical musicians will be able to quarry the admitedly rich seams of imagery in Crowley’s corpse? Isn’t it time to write about some more contemporary magical themes – if you’re stuck – maybe I could help you out? Even so, there is hardly anyone’s record collection t hat doesn’t need stuff like this – if you buy your musick on amazon or at HMV, then you’re really do need it – trust me ; ) Do magicos give each other presents – well yes – then next time you’re looking for one, think about sourcing it from a more left-field producer – I’m sure people can buy their own scented candles or Harry Potter books ; )