Russian duo, Roricat, combines effected electric guitars and synthesizers to produce sweeping electro-lounge music and instrumental rock. The songs on Uki Uki have a feeling of motion with moving synth lines and gradual buildup of instruments and melodies. Julica Rorica is credited with „voices and magic,“ any voices on the record simply produce tones, no lyrics. Eugene T is responsible for „guitars and machines“; given the nature of the recording, machines produce most of the music. While the album can be classified as electronica, there are no dance beats; this allows Roricat to showcase their musicianship and that really allows the focus to be on the music.

Ice Cold Blood, one of Uki Uki‚s highlights, begins quietly with two rhythms. Slowly, what sounds like demonic violin musings fade into the track. A repeating guitar riff, soon doubled by bass, overtakes the introductory material. A form becomes apparent when drums are added. Solo guitar becomes the dominating feature, really making this track a rock song with electronic undertones. At the end, we are left with drums and the last bits of the solo guitar fading out.

Uki Uki brings in elements from many popular forms of music and seems to seek to eliminate ego, creating music for its’ own sake. The songs are well formed and have shape; the individual instruments and sound all have unique characteristics and fit the music very well. Roricat has a perfect sound for headphones, the intricacies of their music and mixing become very apparent when there is nothing between the music and listener to get in the way.

Jeff Brown