Wow, sometimes you bump into a musical piece of art that leaves you in complete amazement. This also goes for the cd of Roricat (ex-Tigress Lily) from Russia. Amazement and curiosity however, curious to what is more to come.

Electronics and a guitar create a slightly psychedelic avantgarde atmosphere which is comparable to some recordings on StateArt and Thisco. While listening to Uki Uki I had to think of Grundik + Slava, Ultra United and Coil more than once, although the music of Roricat is more soothing. You can also go back in time some more and then you can mention Spacemen3 or the early Kraftwerk kraut experiments. Warm yet minimal sounds in an avantgarde coating is what Roricat has to offer and this is all very much enjoyable. Eugene plays the guitar and produces the most extraordinary sounds, drones, noise and beautiful melodies. Julica Rorica is responsible for the vocals and a fair amount of magic.

Apparantly hesitating rhythms, broken sounds, acid bubbles and very beautiful melancholic melodies create music that goes straight into your subconscious and hits a sensitive snare. Sometimes the compositions arrive into more difficult waters and there are various dissonant sounds clashing into eachother. But these know how to find a way into your brain as well where they finally will make themselves a nice and cosy place as pleasurable sound sculptures, culminating into a release of more accessible rhythms. Electronic sounds create a magical atmosphere here in which time has no relevance. The music starts to sound more and more organic although it is completely electronic, except for the guitar.

Do not think Uki Uki is a serious piece of art, on the contrary, there is much humor to be found. In the sounds or combination of sounds as well as in the subtitles that are added to the titles on the tracklist. For instance with the extremely beautiful She Dives With Fireflies, which additionally states: ‘’a common underwater love story, he meets her, she meets him, do you want more words?’’


Grade: 8