Roricat are a Russian duo consisting of Julica Rorica and Eugene T. They produce some extremely varied electronic and experimental music.

There are 14 tracks on this CD which starts with Blue 6, which has an electronic sound – a bit like Spacemen 3’s Big City blended with a subtle beat. There’s some minimalistic stuff here too resembling very early Kraftwerk, and a good example of this is the second track, She Dives With Fireflies. Perverted Magic User provides us with some crazy noises which flow along to a nice simple melody. The title track is the first to have vocals from Julica, well what is recognisable as vocals anyway… there’s lots of weird electronic sounds accompanying her, some sounding like bells or wind chimes.

Mutio has a slow pounding beat and wind-like sounds over which some John Squire style guitar is played. It could almost be an intro to a Stone Roses song, although at nine minutes rather a long one.

Helica provides a heavier, faster dance style beat. With some swirling electronics and twangy guitar. It’s a bit like Private Psychedelic Reel by Chemical Brothers. My favourite track is Hive, heavy electronic beats with some weird sounds floating over, it soon goes into a heavy rhythm which reminds me of Folk Implosions‘ Natural One although with a lot more going on. Some weird vocal sounds are soon drafted in to make this excellent track complete. To end things Homeworld sounds like it was recorded in a bubble bath! Lots of bubbly electronic effects and weird sounds making it a good finale to such a varied CD.

Definitely worth checking out as there’s a whole lot more to discover.

John Marshall