When I picked this package up from the postal office and opened it, the artwork and paper of the cover
drew me home quicker than normal, pushing me to insert this cd directly into my player as soon as possible.

Hoping the music was half as good as the cover, I immediately inserted it in the machine.

I was amazed by what I heard streaming into my headphones which penetrated my mind and created visions of crashing chaos and mystical entrapment.

The overall sound is rich and expansive.

Some of the more melodic tracks transported me into a dark and restless place, while others moved me to deep pensive moods.

The percussion is fabulous — clicks and tinklings, pounding deep drumming that can rip you out of your seat making you want to dance to the rhythmic tempo’s and eerie ritualistic-tribal beats.

I can envision being naked in front of a fire in some remote setting, swaying to this music in an innocent trance-like animalistic way.

Miliaristic claps, hydraulic splooges and machine clankings influence quick changes to even more unique levels of listening and responsive feeling.

No formulas are heard in the compositions, this work is quite original and executed most professionally.

I highly recommend getting a copy of this limited release before it is sold out.

If music off Malignant Records, Possessive Blindfold, Old Europa Cafe, HORUS CyclicDaemon, seem to be your thing, you’ll not forget all too quickly This Morn‘ Omina: Em Sauf Haa-Heru, should you choose to experience it.

Music like this doesn’t get much better.

Thanks to Mika Goedrijk and HORUS CyclicDaemon for this release!

This album was reviewed by Kim Ann Alexander