I’ve listened to this CD a hell of lot since I first received it and it’s one of the few that has been copied onto cassette so I can listen to it when I’m driving. However I’ve been dreading having to review it as I find it really difficult to describe the various sounds and styles recorded here as the whole CD has a strangely unique feel to it.

Each track contains a similar thread that is projected from one track to another yet each one sounds remarkably unlike its predecessor. The music has a ritualistic industrial trance feel to it as it utilises dance beats, sound manipulations and ambience to create the other worldly aura that surrounds it. And, although the styles differ considerably, they slip in to one another seamlessly. I feel no matter how much I try I simply can’t describe the true feel of this remarkable CD. I certainly know it wont appeal to every one’s taste as the beats that present through out will no doubt alienate some people and if that’s the case I’m guessing they’ll be missing out on something I don‘ think should be missed.

One the best none dark ambient releases I heard in a long time and limited to only 333 copies, so track one down.

This CD was reviewed by Lee Powell