Musterion: The Wondrous Journey Through The Catacombs Of Life (CD)

The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life is the second album of Musterion, following the highly acclaimed debut album The Black Lodge (2005), built upon complex and obscure composition techniques and musical innovation, and it drags the listener on a brilliantly imaginative and frightening journey that combines elements of dark ambient, surrealism, absurdity, Holyism with the help advanced structural and theoretical considerations in terms of the composition.

The tale is concerning mind control by psychic, electronic, sexual, pharmaceutical, subliminal, and other means.
The story stretches into the absurd and surely Simon AA Kölle exorcising some demons of his own and exploring a musical world where regular music metre is unimportant, where the rhythm of a piece could be dictated by breathless inspiration more than moving pictures (as the case with film music) or to fit a specific genre. Yet he again expands and evolves the genre of dark ambient into art music.
Due to the dramatic nature of the music, which is shifting pace of both horror and atmosphere, the only way it would feel real enough included incorporation of organic instruments and electro-acoustic instruments. Improvisations, twisted circus music, industrial parts and many atmospheric moments give way for a highly symbolistic album where all elements are pieces of the broken puzzle.
The album was released on Halloween 2009 as a pressed CD housed in a digipak in the limited edition of 500 copies. Extra pocket includes 12-pages booklet. Printed on Paper Couture Specials, BlancBeige, 300 g/m2 and 170 g/m2 beige.


1 The Elevator Down 4:31
2 Escaping The Illusions 7:27
3 Lifeless Confetti 3:01
4 Wandering Through The Catacomb 3:17
5 The Crocodile And Napoleon 5:05
6 I Am Superman & King Kong 2:02
7 I Need To Kill Him 5:24
8 A False Beard (Mother I Hear You) 5:22
9 Junkies And Agents Disappear (Lover I Hear You) 6:02
10 Follow The Black Spider 4:42
11 The Dollmaker 6:37
12 Falling Into The Maelstrom 7:49

Artwork: Niko Skorpio
Catalog#: HCD XI
Released: 2009
Status: In Stock