OSSASERPIA: Music For Solve et Coagula (CD)

Vladimir Igoshin (Ossaserpia) has created Opus alchymicum, spectacular account of the »work« of the musickal alchemists who developed a symbolic kind of psychochemistry, aimed at producing the gold of mystical illumination through celestial musick. See theories by Robert Fludd and Rosicrucian theories of the monochord.

Very unique melancholy chamber musick with some strange industrial & drone elements. Vladimir Igoshin is known for his contributions to HCD compilations such as Lust From The Underworld and/or AL: 100th Anniversary.

Special art-works designed by outstanding Madeline von Foerster!

The opus consists of pressed CD in paper sleeve with impression; 16-pages A5 hard-bound book with impression on the cover, equipped with flyleafs at the front and the back including printed alchemical symbols; 6 alchemical graphics by Madeline von Foerster with an overlays; A3 poster with explanatory text to each alchemical graphic, and impression again; embossed CD sleeve-jacket. Packed in PVC sheet. Top-notch papers used for all items again. Limited edition of oversized hard-bound book is covered with rustish Quilt 120g paper. The flyleafs and inner pages are printed on Gmund Kaschmir cream 170g. CD sleeve-jacket and poster are made of Quilt 120g paper.

Very rare print (audio/bibliophilia) for all occult fans of musick & alchemy!


1 S 2:45
2 Ee1 2:14
3 C-Alle+Alle2 3:44
4 C-S+Koz 2:32
5 Gmm+ 1:11
6 Nml2+C-Gm 2:19
7 Larn 3:12
8 C-Sr+Ee2 3:58
9 Chri 1:39
10 Srm 1:58
11 A-All 14:03
12 O-All 4:15

Artwork: Madeline von Foerster
Catalog#: HCD 08
Released: 2007
Status: In Stock