K. MEIZTER: Travelling Light (CD)

K. Meizter makes his solo debut with Travelling Light after five successful years in BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE. Still lurking in the realms of dark ambient, K. Meizter now sets foot towards more experimental grounds focusing on melancholy melodies and twisted rhythms.

Travelling Light takes you on an intriguing journey through the Universe of Mind and comes with elegant and thought-provoking artwork presented in a special hand-numbered oversized booklet.

A must for David Lynch’s fans!

The album has been mastered by Mika Goedrijk (of This Morn’ Omina) at Atomic Studios.


1 Prolog 2:10
2 Play It As It Lays 3:28
3 In A Low-Dimensional System 2:52
4 Honesty Through Paranoia 4:04
5 The Local Group 3:25
6 Bounding The Infinite 2:51
7 Obsessive Geometry 2:52
8 Lock And Chain Find Again 4:40
9 Down The Up-Escalator 3:16
10 Luftwalk 2:00
11 Woe To The Thinker 2:21
12 Detached 3:09
13 Rest And Rust 2:01
14 Some Battle On 3:52

Artwork: K. Meizter
Catalog#: HCD 07
Released: 2007
Status: In Stock