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 Chain D.L.K. presents an interview with:
 HORUS CyclicDaemon
 interviewed by Ivan Racheck (proofread by Edward Wilkinson)


Martin Mrskos is the man behind the fresh and ambitious Czech Rep. label known as HORUS CyclicDaemon. The label has released some very good and almost ground breaking compilations but also bands like Musterion, K. Meizter, Ossaserpia and This Morn' Omina.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us the idea behind your label. Do you have a mission?
Horus CyclicDaemon: It was already mentioned in my interview with BLACK Magazine that I am looking for "nova er rara" (new & rare). A bit like Star Trek's "Where no man has gone before".

Chain D.L.K.: You have made some very good compilations in the past. Talk to us about them.
Horus CyclicDaemon: Each time it is a good idea. And there also has to be a strong visual background for each track. Sometimes it is not easy to come out with supported ideas. I think I will leave this point for at least a few years now but I must confess that I got a fantastic idea again. But this time I would like to invite new artists only, perhaps no exception (although one never knows...).

Chain D.L.K.: What can you say about what is happening right now with HORUS CyclicDaemon?
Horus CyclicDaemon: Well right now I gather my strength to envision the future of my label. I think about a concept to avoid any second release of any artist on my label. Many labels want to be successful. I contemplate on first releases only. To find and after first release to pass on another label. To descry. To unearth. That is alchemy.

Chain D.L.K.: I know most label owners don’t like to speak about favorites but I am sure you have some (of your released) albums that are. I make it easier for you. Please mention three albums that are your highlights on HORUS CyclicDaemon.
Horus CyclicDaemon: Well, that is a pretty delicate matter since I would make somebody angry (smile)... But - why not - right now: Ossaserpia: Music For Solve et Coagula.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell me, if you were to be remembered for something one day, what would you like that to be?
Horus CyclicDaemon: The one who created himself.

Chain D.L.K.: What music do you listen to most often now? Any preferences?
Horus CyclicDaemon: Classical music. Rolf Lislevand: Nuove musiche (ECM). Amazing baroque! New sound: Cymphonic: Phonema Sacrata (DataObscura); I got strange visions and ideas when listening to this sacred musick. The Circular Ruins + Off The Sky: We All Fall Down (DataObscura); another great release. Nick Grey & THE RANDOM ORCHESTRA: Regal Daylight (Milk & Moon). Nick is phenomenal, pure bard.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any response from your bands listeners?
Horus CyclicDaemon: Sometimes, a handful of devoted. But year by year more and more.

Chain D.L.K.: Many of the releases on your label are cinematic. Both Musterion and K.Meitzer are like films. Any comment about that?
Horus CyclicDaemon: No comment.

Chain D.L.K.: Your releases are always very special, often big booklets (more like books), special paper and more. You want to create something unique and special around your releases. Please talk about it.
Horus CyclicDaemon: The world becomes ephemeral. People are losing their sense of archives. Lo! Right now people are mad about e-downloads. Well, iTunes is fine when I go for a walk but me personally like old fine paper with strange perfume of colors, hand made things etc. What to say more?

Chain D.L.K.: Will your label be represented on festivals soon or are you considering something else? (DVDs, live show or something else).
Horus CyclicDaemon: No. Although I am contacted and asked to recommend some group or to provide people with contacts to artist I released. That is fine.

Chain D.L.K.: Now that the label has become established with a number of releases do you feel as if you have achieved your original goals?
Horus CyclicDaemon: No achievements, I am just on the road (Jack Kerouac).

Chain D.L.K.: Do you personally recruit new artists or do you find artists through demo submissions?
Horus CyclicDaemon: I wait for proposals.

Chain D.L.K.: Please discuss the artists on your label. Are you in good contact with them or is it strict and short?
Horus CyclicDaemon: I insist on very special relationships if possible. To grasp means to know.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you feel as if the HORUS CyclicDaemon music has the potential to communicate or inspire something spiritual in the listener?
Horus CyclicDaemon: Sure. This is my mission.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you feel as if your label has established a solid following of listeners?
Horus CyclicDaemon: See above please.

Chain D.L.K.: Last. Is it something you want to add?
Horus CyclicDaemon: My motto: To want myself always new each day. (I hope it is correct English.)


Update: 30/04/2007, Walpurgis Nacht


 From KindaMuzik (22 October 2006)
 Sven Schlijper
(see also original text)


Update: 13/11/2006


 From Musical Zone Japan Issue 46 (2003)
 By David Purdie

HORUS CyclicDaemon

Martin M. Mrskos run HCD. The label and Martin himself come from The Czech Republic. Martin studied at The Agronomy University and in the 1979 he became interested in the magic, philosophy and alchemy and by 1990 after The Velvet Revolution (November 1989) he run the publishing house called HORUS. Later (1996) he started to distribute fine small labels from all over the world and after that logically run his own label called HORUS CyclicDaemon (2000). By the year 1996 he started to teach at The School of Fine Arts (Creative Thinking) and JANACEK ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS (Symbolism). During the last years he´s been writing a book on occulture which will be published 2004.

His compilations include bands such as: Legendary Pink dots, This Morn´ Omina, Abnocto, 4th Sign of the Apocalypse and Dandelion Wine.

David: Thank you for taking your time with this interview. Can you make a brief description of HCD (ideas, goals, direction etc)?

Martin: First of all there was a publishing house called HORUS set up in 1990 dealing mainly with New Aeon promoted by Aleister Crowley in Revue HORUS (published in 1990-1995) or publishing his individual works as almost bibliophile books, then essential works of important Czech hermetist Frantisek Kabelak (like "Magia nigrae" or "The Book of Secret of Great Shemhameforash" incl. "The Magickal Characters of Zodiac" etc.). I like nice books so that I was always interested in fine papers and quality printing. Due to depression in 1997 I put publishing aside and because I compiled selection of such well known labels like Old Europa Café, Musica Maxima Magnetica or Prikosnovenie for TAMTO magazine I came in contact with Mika Goedrijk of THIS MORN' OMINA. I liked his ideas taken from Dan Simmons' novels "Hyperion" & "Endymion" so I decided to make an interview with him. During it he proposed me to release his second album (1st at Old Europa Café) and i said: "Why not?" And this was the beginning of HORUS CyclicDaemon, my label. I am focused on everything that can be described as "nova et rara" in Latin, in English it is "new & rare". So I am looking rather for not very well known artists, not established yet. Searching for angels, not robots.

David: Your label seem to focus on the occult and will for an example release a compilation celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Alister Crowley. I don´t know much about the dark arts. Can you tell us something about the compilation and what Alister Crowley did 100 years ago? What did he dictate in Cairo 1904?

Martin: Occulture is trying to explain hidden streams in society and arts. The compilation you have mentioned is rather intention to give the honor to Aleister Crowley, great magician of the XXth century. More precisely it was Aiwass, an Intelligence who has dictated the message of the New Aeon to his scriber, Aleister Crowley, message known as Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of Law.

David: You have signed a contract regarding Musterion. I am so much looking forward to hear Musterion. How is your collaboration with Simon Kolle and when will the cd be released?

Martin: It is great merit of Jens of Waerloga Recs. that he recommended me for my new compilation LUST FROM THE UNDERWORLD not only Za Frümi, but also side projects of Simon Heath and Simon Kolle in Abnocto and then also Musterion of Simon Kolle. We harmonized on our common love for Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks when I tried to explain him what is David Lynch's "Lost Highway". I revealed to him my finding that this movie discourses upon Agent Cooper's experiences in The Black Lodge where he get lost (and his soul, too). "Lost Highway" also introduced "UFO technology" in movie art, I mean "time leaps" or "hyper-time" that is not running in one way only, as well as Milorad Pavic has coined and found in his "The Chazar's Dictionary" "hypertext" instead of linear reading for the humankind. So that Simon's new CD shall be about "The Black Lodge" or "Black Wigwam". It shall be released at the second half of the next year in ltd. hand-numbered digipack on fine paper. Ltd. number of CD´s shall be signed by the artist as well.

David: Many darkwave acts seem to repeat themselves over and over but what i have heard from bands like Musterion, Sephiroth and Atrium Carceri is more diversity Do you think quality darkwave will change in that direction?

Martin: I agree. But this is problem of all arts not only of darkwave. "Let there be the Light!" That is always at the Beginning. If somebody does not realize this moment one can hardly await something "new and rare" or as Shakespeare says in his "Ariel": "... something rich and strange..." It is result of painful quest for self- transcending or looking for transcendentality. I said: "Once upon a time that God's was changed into goods..." Do you see me?

David: Za Frumi is probably the best fantasy inspired music in the world right now after Mortiis went all mad. Most people into fantasy read books. Are there any writers of fantasy that you approve of? Any other writers you approve of?

Martin: It is a pity I do not know Mortiis - neither before or after. Yes, I do like already mentioned Dan Simmons. It is really a great saga! So much characters and picturesqueness in "Hyperion" and "Endymion" that any other "author" would make 10 novels of these two! So he and Robert Holdstock. And Czech author Frantisek Novotny for his "The Other Day of valhalla", it is really very very good fantasy! And - I like fairy tales - the source of all fantasy.

David: I understand labels and musicians have a hard time picking favorite acts for the moment but please make a top 5 list of musical acts. Maybe the readers get inspired?


Geoff Smith: 15 Wild Decembers [Sony]
Sumerland: Sivo [Middle Pillar]
Coil: Astral Disaster [World Serpent Distribution]
Nils Petter Molvaer: Khmer [ECM]
Biosphere/Deathprod: Nordheim Transformed [Rune Grammofon]

David: Can you tell us a little about the future plans for HCD?

Martin: Sure. Recently there will be 2CD comp LUST FROM THE UNDERWORLD done in the best spirit of my first comp CHAOS. New groups, new ideas, fine design, top-notch quality papers. Then first act in new sub-label "Nu Faces in ElectroniCulture®" dedicated to young & unknown sonic artists. Releases are strictly ltd. 3" CD digi-packs. It will be "ELEVATA MAURON: Hamlet Now" by student of Fine Arts School in Brno, Czech Republic where I live (and also teach..."Creative Thinking" subject...). April, 2004 is dedicated to AL compilation (100th Anniversary of Liber AL vel Legis) and the fall will bring the new mystery CD by Musterion. The end of 2004 we will see CD by Russian group "Ossaserpia: Music for Solve et Coagula". Vladimir Igoshin is going to create opus alchymicum, spectacular account of the "work" of the musickal alchemists who developed a symbolic kind of psychochemistry, aimed at producing the gold of mystical illumination through celestial musick. See theories by English rosicrucian Robert Fludd (Robertus Fluctibus) and rosicrucian theories of the monochord. Very unique drone musick with some strange industrial elements.


Update: 05/02/2004



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