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”But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
”Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: ”we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
”How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
”You must be,” said the Cat, ”or you wouldn’t have come here.”

This below might be taken for a page with links but it is more than just links. It is dream souls, Waking souls that give life to mind and body. Dream souls that wanders!

Other musical projects with Simon AA Kölle

Za Frûmi --- Za Frûmi on myspace
Abnocto --- Abnocto on myspace


Horus CyclicDaemon - Very good Record label. The home of Musterion, K. M e i z t e r and more.
Waerloga records - Great Swedish label. The home of Za Frûmi and Abnocto among others.
Cold meat Industry - Darkwave/Industrial label. The home of Atrium Carceri, Raison Detré and many more.

Friends and inspiration: Music

The list could of course be longer (and will be) but this is it for now.

Atrium Carceri - The solo project of Simon Heath. One of the best Dark ambient acts around!
Dödheimsgard (DHG) - Good friends! Vicotnik/Mr fixit once played in one of Simon Kölles plays with the title "Is the sky falling down"
Encryption - Friends from Belgium doing atmospheric music released on Waerloga
Precog - Electronic Music project with Simons younger brother Love and his friend Samuel
Raison Detre - Peter Andersson did music to Simons film TULPA back in 1999
Knaprika - Another of Simon Heaths projects. This is twisted Psytrance!
Krusseldorf - Experimentation should never die. This is Simon Heath experimenting with electronic music
Sojobo - Suprise! This is also a project involving Simon Heath. This is Chill out
Alfred Schnittke (R.I.P) - Some of his work was inspiration
Mikael Fyrek - A Friend who create chill out and ambient music. Simon call him "Höghusmannen" which translates: "high-rise building Man"
K. M e i z t e r - colleague on HCD playing dark ambient music
Devil Doll - Cult band led by Mr. Doctor. Simon collaborated with Mr Doctor a short while in the late 90s
Mogwai - Contributed with music to Simons film TULPA
Popol Vuh - The work for Nosferatu was great!
Bo Hansson - Made some great works in Jazz/folk/fantasy music back in the days. Main instrument = The Electric organ
Ved Buens Ende - Friends from Norway
Ahasverus - Swedish Dark Ambient project
Rising Shadows - Swedish Dark Ambient project
Therion - Trying to make something different in thier stile
Julee Cruise - Mystical voice
Hans Zimmer - Sometimes great!
Ulver - Visonary band with ups and downs
Arcturus - Not only following the mainstream of the Black metal scene
My dying bride - Memories
Paradise Lost - More memories
Ennio Morricone - Great composer. Over 500 films!
Bob Dylan - Great song writer!

Film & Theatre

David Lynch - A true genious filmmaker
Lynchnet - The David Lynch Resource
Teater Albatross - Swedish avant garde Theatre and good friends with Simon (Site mostly in Swedish)
Teatro Nucleo - Avant garde Theatre in Italy
Teatr Ósmego Dnia - Polish Avant garde theatre that inspired Simon very much
Jerzy Grotowski - RIP. Source material on Jerzy Grotowski
Antonin Artaud - RIP. Interesting Poet, essayist, playwright, actor & director
André Breton - One of the fathers of the surrealist movement


Moria - Moria is a Swedish site were you can buy middle age inspired clothing (in Swedish)

Writers and painters

Cut down from a list with one hundred authors.

William S. Burroughs - RIP. A Very good writer!
Jack Kerouac - RIP. No link here because there are to many bad sites floating around about Jack
Allen Ginsberg - RIP. The Beatnik Kral Majales who Changed the world
Francis Bacon - Interesting paintings
shaun o'boyle - Some great photography of abandoned buildings
Daniel Salan (Graphstyle) - Check out my friend Daniel in Copenhagen, graphic designer
Salvador Dali - Explore the works of Dali
Edgar Allen Poe - Explore the writing of Poe
H.P Lovecraft - Archives

These writers are all also interesting in one way or another and worth checking out:
August Strindberg, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, William Shakespeare, Dante, Voltaire, Rimbaud, de Sade, Pillip K. Dick, Susanna Clarke, Tolkien, Celine and Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz.

Martial Arts

Bruce Lee - A great visionary man!
Duel fencing - Simons fencing club where he is teaching (In swedish)
Miyamoto Musashi - One of the greatest. The book of five ring
Sherdog - The best webzine and radio when it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA)
UFC - The best MMA org. in the world
Pride FC - The second best MMA org
10th Planet Jiu Jitsu - One of the best clubs in the world. Not as good as music made by Eddie Bravo though

Online GO

Simon is a Go player and enjoy playing in real life but also on the net

KGS - A very good Go server. On the KGS Go Server one can play GO (known as wei-chi in Chinese and baduk in Korean) against people from all over the world. Watch games, play games, and review your games - all free!

Zines and Radios

Some of the zines and radios that played Musterion

Maelstrom Zine - Web zine with class
Heathen Harvest - A very good web zine "Iluminating the post industrial underground". The link goes to an interview made with Simon
Gothtronic - Active Webzine
Funprox - Webzine
Okultura - The Occult Culture (In czech)
Chain D.L.K - Web zine
Brokendolls - webzine dark-ambient, neofolk & classical, orchestral, bombastic, musique rituelle et éthérée.. - Home of The Aleister Crowley Society
BLACK - German Paper Magazine with some reviews and articles on the web
Radio Akropolis - Czech Republic radio station (in czech)
Radio Rivendell - Fantasy music webradio
Dark Ambient Radio - German net webradio (mostly in german)