Raining Gold

ARO is the dark, ominous musical project of Aimée Osbourne, and the Spencer Susser-directed clip for „Raining Gold“ is, let’s be real, pretty damn scary!

It starts with Osbourne sitting at a diner counter, innocuously enough—and then it gets hella bloody and freaky, like No Country For Old Men soundtracked by PJ Harvey. Suitably, Aimée explained in an email to FADER that the song is about being in similarly foreboding mindsets.

„‚Raining Gold‘ is about feeling trapped in a broken dynamic. Feeling so worn out and turned upside down from manipulation can make you feel like you’re in a daze. I wanted to capture how paralyzing that can feel, as well as how empowering it is once you have the realization that you have a choice and can break free from the dizzying effects of allowing yourself to be controlled.“