The Acid│Fame

Steve Nalepa, Adam Freeland and Ry X team up on ‘Liminal’, an album that grew out of the group’s just-for-fun EP, released earlier this year. With field recordings of eggs being whisked and jewellery clinking, it combines the experiemental with club beats, electronic hooks and feathery guitar slides to make something completely intoxicating.

The Acid are a band who have appeared on these pages a couple of times in the past, first with their song Animal (at the time, they weren’t giving too much information about themselves away, merely stating that they were a three-piece from Berlin and wearing bizarre, gigantic bags over their heads) and then with its follow-up, Basic Instinct. While The Acid might not be a familiar name to all of our readers, the band’s three members are hardly newcomers to the music industry – Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Adam Freeland is a member, joining singer-songwriter Ry X and fellow DJ Steve Nalepa to make up the trio’s numbers. The three artists decided to work together after frequently crossing paths on their international travels, creating a style of indie rock tied to a loose electronic pulse.Their latest song, Fame, comes tied in with the announcement that Mute Records will release their debut album, ‚Liminal‘, in the US in July (the rest of the world will get it a week early). Its tastefully-shot, blue-hued video was directed by the band’s Ry X along with Dugan O’Neal and features choreography from dance/performance art trio WIFE. For reasons we can’t quite explain, it all resembles a sort of dystopian team-building exercise.