The Horn

Ancient Egyptian Blackened Heavy Occult. Since 1996, chaos-musician A Demon Sheen has been setting all 189 Spells of the ‚Egyptian Book of the Dead‚ (R. O. Faulkner translation) to his own brand of quasi-Egyptian esoteric ambient black metal.

The Horn 0The first release from The Horn for quite some time, this 4-track EP rips open the fabric of time and space, and rows the Night-Bark deep into the Milky Way. Combining (and re-creating) elements of blackened metal, harsh noise wall, dark ambience, doom drone, and even some sort of Egyptian punk rock, with ‚Volume Twelve‘ The Horn again transcends genres, as his Ka transcends the physical realm.

Spell 109 is funny & cool Helter-Skelter!