The lost Golden City of Atlantis

„We will never come back to Krypton, the lost paradise of Atlantis, and the track like Empty City 2012 let us inspirit ancient memories to golden flying machines stilly passing  through the Air above stone palaces of unprecedented architectonical designs, miracles of far advanced civilization being in harmony with Wisdom of The Old Ones until that day when an archaic atavism was awaken in one individual that infected the other oversaturated heretics who sacrificed their golden cape in one apocalyptic day through horriblenesses we cannot imagine nor reach them again, in one flash of Demise. Who escaped bring back to mind those amazing miracles, whose essence many a time did not understand himself, and tells out about them as of fairytales to a hushed up crowd of mirk barbarians sag down to the dust of a new Creation“.

If you listen to the divine track Empty City 2021 by Cymphonic from the album Phonema Sacrata (CDr) released by fine Dutch label DataObscura – fascinating mix of ambient styles expertly woven into one totally engaging cymphonic journey – you will understand why Stanley Swinkels goes directly to the celestial kingdom because of his track.

„Finely crafted from beginning to end with a fascinating blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. This is an excellent album to just lay back and enjoy as it unfolds its seamless web of ambient styles and imaginary journeys.“ – APK