Lord Horror: Reverbstorm | David Britton & John Coulthart | Savoy Books (2012)

Very spectacular work shall be published this summer by Savoy Books, comics Lord Horror: Reverbstorm by David Britton & John Coulthart.

Reverbstorm is an eight-part comic series which I began drawing in 1990. Last week I finished work on the final section, and also completed the layout and design for the collected edition, a 344-page volume which Savoy Books will be publishing later this year. All the artwork has been scanned afresh, re-lettered and, in a few places, improved to fix compromises and print errors present in the published issues. This unfinished project has been hanging over me for so long that I make this announcement with some relief. The book will be published without a foreword so this post can serve as an introduction for the uninitiated. But before I get to the details, some history.
–  John Coulthart

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