Have you known an astonishing electronic odyssey of aetherphone…?

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey is a 1993 documentary film directed by Steven M. Martin about the life of Leon Theremin and his invention, the theremin, a pioneering electronic musical instrument.

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey tells the life story of Lev Sergeivich Termen, known in the West as Leon Theremin, a Russian physicist who invented the entire field of electronic music with his remarkable musical instrument, originally called the aetherphone, but soon simply referred to as a Theremin, or Thereminvox (voice of Theremin). It follows his life, including being imprisoned in a Soviet gulag, and the influence of his instrument, which came to define the sound of eerie in 20th Century movies, and influenced popular music as it searched for and celebrated electronic music in the 1960’s.

Director: Steven M. MartinTheremin: An Electronic Odyssey. UK / USA, 1993, 83 min.